It is August of 1895 as Dr. Matt Stafford's ferry nears Ellis Island.  
His spirits soar as he approaches the island filled with immigrants
pursuing their dreams.  Seeking a change from the routine of his
hospital surgical practice, he decides to take a temporary leave to
provide medical care to those who left their homelands in pursuit of
the American Dream.

Eager to interact with the newcomers, Dr. Stafford is quickly
intrigued by their personal stories of struggles, courage, and
determination.  Soon though, everything is about to change on the
island. Major conflicts unfold, immigrants are exploited, and a riot
takes place.  Becoming entangled in a secret passionate
relationship, Dr. Stafford witnesses President McKinley's
assassination and a societal backlash against the rising tide of
immigration. As he valiantly struggles to find emotional fulfillment, a
series of events will lead to dramatic changes -- both at Ellis Island
and in his own life.

Based on actual events,
Guardians of the Gate shares the
intriguing tale of the people and provocative occurrences that
occurred at Ellis Island during the 1890s and 1900s -- through the
eyes of a dedicated physician on a compelling quest for fulfillment.