Reviews from Other Authors:

"The historical facts contained in Guardians of the Gate provide a
perfect foundation for the imagined ones, creating a novel that brilliantly
combines the real and unreal. It is a wonderful addition to the world of
historical fiction, particularly because it focuses on a time and place that
few other works in the genre consider."

Historical Novel

Guardians of the Gate packs a one-two punch -- a love story combined
with the riveting but little known story of the hospital at Ellis Island.  A
compelling novel that is sure to warm your heart.”

             ~ Lorie Conway, author of Forgotten Ellis Island

“Vincent Parrillo’s Guardians of the Gate weaves together the stories of
immigrants, doctors, and government officials associated with Ellis
Island. It’s a lively and fun read, as well as a compelling historical novel
that brings to life New York in the late nineteenth century.”

      ~Vincent J. Cannato, author of American Passage: The History of Ellis Island

“A careful blend of fact and fiction. This novel sheds light on a pivotal
period in American history.”

           ~Philip Cioffari, author of Jesusville, A History of Things Lost or Broken,  
                                                         and C
atholic Boys

5 Star Reader Reviews at Barnes & Noble website:

Highly Recommended
"Step back in time to New York City at the turn of the 20th century when
masses of immigrants were funneled through Ellis Island under the
watchful eye of administrators and medical staff. This book brings it all
to life - the excitement of a new life in the new world, the overwhelming
task of managing and tending to hordes of diverse peoples, the
exploitation of innocent newcomers and the political machinations
behind the scenes. It presents a masterful blend of historical fact and
fiction, romance and intrigue, joy and despair that will keep you turning
the pages. As a visual bonus, it also includes stirring vintage
photographs from this unique time and place. It has left me with a vivid
imprint that I won't soon forget."

Highly Recommended
"This was a great read. I love historical novels and this one was a
lesson on immigration from the beginning of Ellis Island, combined with
a story line of romance, greed and corruption. The author included
pictures to further give a visualization to his excellent description of the
era. Could not put it down. "

Fantastic read!
"You will love this book! The author mixes a heart-warming love story
with the true events of life as it was for the immigrants and employees of
Ellis Island. You will not only be entertained, but amazed at the author's
clever integration of fact and fiction which flows smoothly into one great
story! You will not want to put it down!"

Great Book
"Vincent Parrillo's Guardians of the Gate is an inspirational page turner
with lots of action. Takes place at Ellis Island starting in 1893. Three of
my grandparents came in through there,so I've always been interested
in anything having to do with Ellis. The attempts to exploit our
immigrants and the riots which take place increase the excitement of the
read. Congratulations Mr. Parrillo."